Daefel Lie'straa

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Daefel Lie'straa

Post  Zywyn on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:01 pm

Alright, Thanks for joining.

Well anyway we need a template so i can sort through these things.

Name: Daefel Lie'straa

Profession: Merchant

Race: Elf

Mercantile: 6
Bluff: 7
Appraise: 7
Swordfighting: 4
Smithing: 4
Survival: 5

Bio: Lost as a child, wandering through the forest, Taken in by a traveling merchant in need of an apprentice. Served under merchant for 20 years. Merchant was killed in a bandit raid, Ran off opened a shop, lost the shop because a tree fell on it that was chopped down by a dwarf with an irrational fear of trees, Now hates dwarves, Now travels trying to make as much a profit as possible

Description Tall, Lean, Fair skinned, Blonde hair, Green eyes with gold around edges

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